Collection: Body butter

Bring home the mild Strokes of nature for yourself with ABD Naturals Body Butter introduced to give relief from dry skin and daily management struggles in eczema people. This isn’t just a cream for your skin but it is an anxious moment of clinging to the warmth. It unites the gentleness of Calendula oil, herbal whispers of Lavender and motherly love consolation with Chamomile extract. In every jar, lays a symphony of nature’s riches – Shea butter, Cocoa butter and coconut oil gracefully dancing to nourish and restore. We know how sensitive the skin is and we offer a chemical-free safe option that nurtures effectively. When you moisturize with ABD Naturals, you’re not just providing our skin with the comfort it deserves. You are also covering your skin in a compassionate and nurturing embrace that pays attention to its needs even as it helps keep your peace of mind.