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Created by a Biologist and a mom

Motivated by the challenge of finding gentle skincare for her son's Eczema and leveraging her biology background, Sawsen, a mom of three, established ABD Naturals, turning her quest for natural remedies into a thriving business.

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Natural, Sustainable, Ethically Sourced!

Skin is our largest organ; any product applied to it gets absorbed directly into our main blood stream, towards our internal organs so we need to treat it carefully, same as what we inhale!

That's why we provide a one stop shopping for all you need in bath, skincare and home.

We deliver safe, simple high-quality and effective alternatives that promote your body's ability to restore a healthy skin and a good health in general while caring about Earth as much as our health.

We honour our natural resources by sourcing local sustainable ingredients, skipping animal testing and using reusable echo-friendly packaging to reduce our company's carbon Footprint.

Birthday parties st albert edmonton

Birthday Parties

Celebrate birthdays with our exclusive parties, accommodating up to six participants. Choose between our soap making or bath bomb making activities. Our surprise bath bomb making parties are perfect for little ones.

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