Meet the founder!


 family owned business

My name is Sawsen, I am the founder of ABD Naturals and a mom of two sweet boys. I have a degree in Biology and have been making my own products for my personal use for years but never thought of starting a business until my 6 months old baby (at the time!)  had a severe eczema all over his body, scalp and face and needed a medicated ointments daily. I worked with his pediatric dermatologist to find a substitute since I'm against the use of cortisone and there was no way I would've apply it on my baby. I started looking in the "regular" stores and pharmacies all shoppers go to and couldn't find anything that satisfied my needs! really NOTHING!

I just needed a natural and healthy moisturizing cream for a little baby! This sounded simple but actually very hard to find!

I went back to our pediatric dermatologist hopeless and he said "you know what! you can probably find something natural at the farmer's market or make it yourself"

That was a click in my head! I know how to make this stuff so why am I even wasting time looking around?!


I decided to make him a 100% natural product that can be used daily with no side effects and started researching and going back to my courses to look for every single ingredient that works for dry skin and eczema and I came up with a butter recipe that I used on him daily.

Now my little men is off ointments for four years and his skin is way better and, I can't be happier.

WOW right?

I have been always a true believer on natural remedies and very passionate about home made and traditional skincare practices and now I'm here to spread the word!

I created ABD naturals to help those who struggle finding all natural products, those who take a lot of time reading labels to make sure they use a healthy product on their bodies or their beloved one's, those who find it hard to get an affordable product that works well and have no side effects...

I care about everyone's health like my own family's and ABD Naturals is made to help!

Thank you for taking the time to read through this!