Face mask collection
Face mask collection

Face mask collection

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Three small size bottles for a stunning gift idea. Each bottle is 0.3oz and can be enough for 3 uses on face.

These masks are in their original powdered form to keep them 100% natural and to extend their shelf life. All what you need to do is to add water until it becomes a thick paste.

Using a clay face mask can help remove impurities from the skin.

Directions: Pour 1tsp in a nonreactive bowl, add warm water slowly until it becomes a thick paste; you can use flower distillates or regular ta water. Apply on face and leave it to completely dry. rinse with warm water.  Discard the rest of the paste.

Can be used once a week.

To be stored in a cool dry place.


Bentonite clay Mask: Works best for oily skin for its strong ability of absorption. If you have a normal or dry skin you can add 2 drops of oil of your choice to the mixture before applying n face.

Ingredients: 100% Bentonite Clay.

Kaolin pink clay Mask: Works for any type of skin. Kaolin clay is known to have a mild absorption which makes it best for any type of skin especially dry or sensitive skin.
Ingredients: 100% Kaolin Clay.

Glow Mask Turmeric and goat's milk are loaded with benefits and theyre known to give the skin a natural glow and an even tone. Skin looks visibly brightened and glowing.

Ingredients: Lavandula angustifolia oil, Curcuma Longa (Trmeric), Caprae lac
 (goat's milk).